Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange in Australia

Cryptocurrency to fiat exchange from Australia's best crypto-exchange

Cryptocurrency has the usage to buy products and commodities with the help of online transactions, stored in a cryptographic encryption based blockchain. Cryptocurrency can also be exchanged just like regular currency. As you can exchange United States Dollar USD to Australian Dollar AUD from a currency exchange such as Western Union or any other, cryptocurrency can also be exchanged. Though cryptocurrency exchanges are different from regular ones, they offer crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat. Not all exchanges offer crypto to fiat, as due to certain policies that they follow. There are different exchange rates for different cryptocurrency when compared to fiat currency. Exchange rate may vary from exchange to exchange. There are many exchanges that can help you in carrying out your exchange. We as an Australian bonr cryptocurrency exchagne offers cryptocurrency to fiat exchange too.

Bitcoin to Payoneer from Best Fiat exchange

Payoneer is an American Born service based on finance. Payoneer offers major services like Payment services, online money transactions and a working capital to their users. Payoneer also covers services for freelancers, such as fiverr, upwork, gettyimages and more. Along with ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, wish and more. It also covers digital marketing industries like Google, AirBnB and more. You can pay your clients onshore or offshore, and can also withdraw your transacted earnings via ATM or your personal bank account for a very menial fee. Payoneer does not deal with conversions of cryptocurrency directly, such as Bitcoin to Payoneer.

As payoneer does not directly deal with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, one might ought to look for a fiat exchange that does so. Our exchange offers conversion of Bitcoin to Payoneer for cash such as the United States Dollar or any other fiat. Our exchange does not charge any kind of fee. Get yourself an account on our domain, and start your conversion. The process is simple and straightforward. You will also be assigned a Bitcoin wallet for keeping your purchased Bitcoin or you can transfer them from your personal offline hardware wallet for selling and exchanging.

Bitcoin to Skrill from Online Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange

Skrill is an online wallet provider that is accessible via Web and smartphone based applications. Skrill was established 20 years ago, formerly known as Moneybookers. Its features include online money transactions and payment systems. It is available in 120 countries with the availability of its online digital wallet in 40 countries. Skrill also deals in cryptocurrency. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency from Skrill. You can purchase or sell your bitcoins at skrill. But skrill lags in a feature, that you cannot convert Bitcoin to Skill for cash and store it on your skrill wallet. That’s where our crypto exchange steps in. Our exchange offers an Bitcoin to Skrill (cryptocurrency to fiat) exchange. The converted fiat cash can be stored in your skrill wallet. You can register yourself on our exchange, link your Skrill account, and exchange and transfer your Bitcoin converted currency to Skrill wallet.

Bitcoin to Perfect Money Automatic Fiat Exchange

Perfect Money is actually a payment system developed a year before the advent of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, in iceland. Its initiative was taken by SRI (Startup Research & Investments) Limited. Perfect money is a e-payment mechanism for internet payments based on non-cash payments. It also offers payment on various purchases and transfer and receival of money transactions. It allows funds transactions between members of its registered community, purchase of Bitcoin, prepaid card creation and more. There are also membership types available to the user, each preset having different advantages. Some of these are Norma, Premium and Partner. Perfect money does not offer conversion for Bitcoin to Perfect Money. Though you can buy it or sell it. 

Though Perfect Money deals with Bitcoin, a better practice would be to use a pure crypto exchange. You can use our crypto to fiat exchange to convert your Bitcoin to Perfect Money. As Perfect Money deals with US Dollars, it can easily be done. All you have to do is to get yourself registered. The process is entirely simple. Our exchange will grant you a bitcoin wallet, on which you can transfer your Bitcoins from offline wallet.

Litecoin to Paypal - Exchange LTC coins Quickly

PayPal is an American organisation that operates an online payment platform in the majority of countries that enable digital money transfers, and it acts as an automated solution to conventional paper systems such as checks and money orders. It charges a fee for every exchange that takes place on it.  Paypal was established before the year 2000. As it offers wallets, its users can send payments and transactions. These transactions can occur on a person-to-person level, person-to-business level or business-to-person level. Paypal also supports cryptocurrency. Though you can buy litecoin with paypal or sell for currencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin, but you cannot exchange Litecoin to Paypal in terms of fiat cash. For that you are dependent on crypto exchanges.

For exchanging your Litecoin to paypal for cash, you can utilize our exchange services. The procedure is simple. If you are not registered, you need to get registered because that will give a  LTC coins wallet for your buy and sell, and exchange dealings. Our exchange offers straightforward services without charging you a single nickel. Feel free to avail our services in regards with your cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin to Western Union Fiat Currency Exchange Instantly

American Born financial service provider and a worldwide communicator came into existence as Western Union. It provides services like person-to-person transactions, services on commercial level and payments on business scale. It covers 120 or 130 countries while allowing transactions between them. You can also exchange foreign currency to your region’s local currency. Western Union does not deal with cryptocurrency, if you are thinking of converting Litecoin to Western Union for cash, you are in bad luck. This is usually because of their own strong monopoly.

Right now they are running tests with Ripple Labs on transactions via blockchain. But if you are still intrigued and are looking for ways to convert your Bitcoin to Western Union, you can do so at our exchange. You can convert your Litecoins to the required fiat currency and then you can transact your fiat currency to Western Union. An account registration is required that will grant you a  LTC coins wallet. The rest is pretty straight forward. You can also view our articles on how you can convert your Litecoin to other cryptocurrency or fiat for that matters, with step by step procedures.

Litecoin to Payeer Best Fiat Exchange Service

Payeer is a payment system that offers its services in terms of digital currencies such as cryptocurrency. These cryptocurrency include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and more. It has a nice feature set, offering multiple wallets, supporting various withdrawal and transaction mechanisms. It also offers support for payment for purchasing goods and commodities. You can use Payeer as a payment method for your personal business sites. If you are interested in Payeer and Litecoin, and you have some Liteoins laying right around in your hardware wallet that needs conversion to cash, you can always depend upon our crypto exchange. We offer best in class fiat exchange options when it comes to cryptocurrencies. No fee required, come and go and be on with your exchange of Litecoin to Payeer for cash. An account registration is required in order to do so. You will be assigned a Litecoin wallet for storing your bitcoins that you can later exchange or sell.

Dogecoin to Worldremit Currency Exchange via Smartphone

Developed 11 years ago as a cross-border electronic service for international payments and money transactions, followed by services of remittance in 130 or more countries. WorldRemit was the first to support mobile to mobile finance transfer service. WorldRemit does not support cryptocurrency directly or indirectly. It was developed by keeping fiat cash in mind. As it was invented a few years after Dogcoin, both Dogecoin and WorldRemit were still new. While not still in awareness of Dogecoin because it was considered as a fluke and joke, WorldRemit kept itself to the fiat side. In order to have your conversion in regards with Dogecoin cryptocurrency to WorldRemit, you will need a crypto exchange that supports both Dogecoin and WorldRemit.

Lucky for you, we support both and offer a straightforward method for helping you convert your Dogecoin to fiat with WorldRemit as a receival. Get there and get registered with us. A Doge wallet will be available to you on your successful account creation. This wallet can keep your purchased cryptocurrency and you can also transfer your cryptocurrency from your hardware wallet. The rest is easy. You can also gaze upon our other articles that can help you out on your exchange with respect to your cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin to Moneygram Quick Conversion and Transfer

Moneygram is a money transfer organization with its residence in the United States of America. It has been in the field of finance transaction for about 81 years. As its working is active through agents, it provides its services on both business and individual scale. These services are often offered by Moneygram’s network of agents and finance institutes. Moneygram is available in 200 or more countries with a worldwide network map of approximately 347,000 agent offices. You can use Moneygram to pay for cryptocurrency but you have to keep it in a crypto wallet, as moneygram does not support cryptocurrency. If you think you can convert your Doge to Moneygram from Moneygram, then you are wrong. Moneygram is not a crypto exchange, but a fiat transfer mechanism.

If you still want your Doge and want your converted fiat currency to be on Moneygram, you will need a crypto exchange. Fortunate for you, we are here to help you carry out your Dogecoin to Moneygram conversion. Make an account on our exchange, have your Doge wallet, and you can go to the exchange section of our domain, and the rest is pretty straightforward.

Dogecoin to Paysafecard Instant Fiat Exchange

It's been 21 years for Paysafecard. It has a different scenario for online payments. Paysafecard  uses a method that includes a PIN Code of 16-digits. This method makes it independent credit/debit card, bank accounts and other various information regarding the user using it.  Paysafecard deals in vouchers. These vouchers are available and can be purchased from their local sale outlets. From respective websites, you can pay at the checkouts via it. These codes cannot be passed via smartphone, telephone or mail. Payments are mostly limited to $1200 USD. Which is a bummer. Paysafecard itself has no association when it comes to cryptocurrency. Though there are some exchanges that offer Dogecoin to Paysafecard. Paysafecard itself is a payment method. So it does not provide any exchange. In order to convert your Doge, use our fiat exchange services. We deal in Dogecoin and various other cryptocurrencies along with multiple payment wallets, and gateways. We don’t charge any kind of fee, but one should be aware of exchange rates of their respective cryptocurrencies.

Ripple to bank transfer Simple Procedure

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is centralized and cannot be owned by any centralized financial organization. Fortunately, it has many exchanges, where you can avail any service regarding cryptocurrency. You can buy and sell it, exchange it with fiat or other cryptocurrencies and trade it to earn profit. You can also use cryptocurrencies to purchase services and goods. The question is, can you make XPR crypto coins to bank transfer possible? You can transact fiat-to-fiat. But can you do the same with crypto to fiat and transferring into a bank account. Certainly you can. You need an exchange that deals with crypto to fiat exchange. You can do so at our exchange with simple straightforward procedure without worrying about any kind of charges. On our exchange, a registration is needed, for having access to the crypto wallet for storing your purchased cryptocurrency or for using it to transfer from your offline hardware wallet.

Ripple XMR to Neteller Exchange Service Online

Neteller came into existence in 1999. It is a digital money transaction online service that aids in transactions between various merchants, such as forex and many other social networking firms. Neteller comes under the parental group of Paysafe. Initially neteller handled transactions between merchants who liked to gamble. The percentage of revenue it got from gaming was about 95%. Users who were using it got restricted soon after the company quitted. Neteller does support buy and sell of cryptocurrency. As neteller offers various payment methods to do so, it covers more than 25 cryptocurrencies which also include some of the top notch cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin and Ethereum. Though as it is not a crypto exchange, you cannot exchange. You can sell your Ripple XRP coins on Neteller, but you cannot exchange.

In order to do so, we offer our exchange service, so you can convert your XRP to Neteller for cash. Our exchange is very minimal in approach and easy to traverse through. THe steps are very minimal. First make an account, Secondly transfer your XRP coins from your offline hardware wallet and lastly, go to our exchange service, and you can easily convert our Ripple XRP and use Neteller as a receival method for your fiat cash.

Ripple to Webmoney Quick Exchange in Russia

A Russian born online payment settlement came into being in the year 1998 and was named as WebMoney. Its headquarters resides in Moscow, the capital of Russia. It is by far the largest digital payment dealer in Russia in terms of its users. The mechanism on which Webmoney works is a little different. Webmoney funds stored by its users are supported and backed up by pre-processive assets. These assets are held by worldwide networks that act as witnesses and offer guarantees for Webmoney payment mechanisms. Webmoney does not have any kind of support for Ripple XRP coin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. If you are still interested in cryptocurrency such as Ripple’s XRP coins and you consider Webmoney an utmost choice, you better check out our exchange. We offer services regarding cryptocurrency and you can also choose Webmoney as an option to convert your XRP crypto to fiat and transfer it on Webmoney. An account registration is necessary to do so.

Monero to Swift Transfer with Exchange

Transactions done overseas between various banks are termed as Swift transfers. Swift as in short is (S.W.I.F.T) which stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Communication. Swift is a method of fast and robust communication between banks all over the world. This communication carries information regarding money transactions, while being secure, reliable and fast simultaneously. If you are a cryptocurrency user, and right now your favorite is Monero, which is a highly privacy prioritized cryptocurrency, and you want to exchange and transfer the fiat cash into your bank account. You are fortunate that this is possible.Though Monero to Swift is directly not possible as banks do not deal with cryptocurrency that way. 

You will be in need of an exchange to exchange/convert your Monero coins to cash, and then use a bank deposition option from our exchange. The transfer from our exchange to your personal bank account will be done with the means of Swift Transfer. Get yourself an account on our exchange, a wallet will be given to you in terms of your Monero cryptocurrency, and the rest of the procedure is pretty straightforward.

Monero to Mobile Pay Payment and Exchange

Just like WorldRemit, Mobile Pay is another application for payments done via mobile or smartphone. As it is another digital wallet, its purpose was also to cover digital payments that can be done on a smartphone. These payments can be transacted to friends on the same mobile pay applications, small shops who receive payments via Mobile pay, supermarkets and various donations. This application uses the user's personal credit card for making payments. No fee conducted for personal Mobile Pay accounts. Mobile Pay does not support cryptocurrency. You cannot buy or sell Monero or any other cryptocurrency either. As there is no option to provide wallet address for your crypto wallet after making a purchase of cryptocurrency. You can though use our exchange to convert your crypto and receive cash with the receival method set as Mobile Pay. Mobile pay does support receival of fiat cash from a crypto exchange, but only from another Mobile Pay account.

Monero to Moneypak Sell and Exchange

Bank holders and a technology based on finance represents this green dot company. Some might know it as Green Dot company, some as Moneypak. Internationally, it also supports Uber transports and Apple Inc’s Apple pay. Actually Moneypak/Greendot was developed as a debit card used by young teenagers for helping them shop online. This approach of Greendot/Moneypak helped lots of people who didn’t have any kind of banking available to them. You can use GreenDot/MoneyPak debit card to buy Monero or any other cryptocurrency from our exchange, as we offer payment gateway for Moneypak/Greendot. You can also sell your Monero stored on our exchange and get your payment received via Moneypak. Our exchange offers massive flexibility when it comes to fiat currency, cryptocurrency, payment methods and payment gateways. All you need is a registered account on our domain for having a cryptocurrency wallet, to store your cryptocurrency bought via MoneyPak/Greendot.

Dash to Google Pay Online Payment with Mobile

Google Pay, also known for its short form G-Pay and formerly as Android Pay is an online mobile or smartphone accessible application that can help you pay via apps that support google pay. You can pay for applications on Google play store, and also for in app purchases. Not only this, you can also pay for other services, such as tickets used for transports, event and movie tickets and many more. Currently Google Pay does not support cryptocurrency but is currently undergoing the process to do so. So if you think right now it's a good time to convert Dash coins to Google Pay, it's useless. As there is no cryptocurrency feature and functionality that Google Pay currently supports. Though it depends. You can use our exchange to convert your Dash coin, but you cannot directly transfer the converted fiat cash to Google Pay, because our exchange cannot be linked to it. You have to transfer it to the bank, and if your bank is linked to Google Pay, you can actually link it. You can do so.

Dash to Capital One Credit Card Purchase

Capital One is a bank holding organization having its initial residence in the United States of America. Capital One banking company masters in the provisions of banking, credit/debit cards, loan and saving accounts. Banks do not deal with any kind of cryptocurrency, whether it is Dash or any other cryptocurrency. As banks are centralized and cryptocurrency is not, they don’t go hand in hand. In order to do your Dash to Capital one purchase via credit card. You will need a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Capital One credit cards as a payment method. You will need a registered account on our exchange, pretty easy to get. After account registration, a wallet will be given to you that will support your Dash coin cryptocurrency. After that the remaining procedure is pretty straight forward.

Make sure to check the market price and exchange rate of your Dash coin cryptocurrency. As sometimes due to price regulation, you can walk right into either profit or brutal loss. Cryptocurrencies are profitable and secure, but still full of risk factors due to their profit and loss liability.

Dash to Chase Quickpay Buy, Sell and Exchange Service

Chase Quickpay now known as Zelle, is an online network of payments supported digitally. They offer services between the users who are registered through Chase Quickpay Zelle. Though the transaction can happen between unregistered recipients, upon receiving the transaction, the unregistered user will be asked to perform a registration process in order to receive the transacted payment. You can use Chase QuickPay to buy cryptocurrency but you will need a crypto wallet on an exchange. As Chase Quickpay does not support any functionality for cryptocurrency. You can use our exchange to convert, buy or sell your Dash to Chase Quickpay.

Whatever you do on our exchange, such as buying Dash, you can use the payment method as Chase Quickpay, if you are selling your Dash coin, use Chase Quickpay as a receival method for your payment on the selling of your Dash coins and the same goes for the exchange service.

Ethereum to Apple Pay - Buy and Sell Option

A very strong payment system along with being an electronically digital wallet for itself. Apple Pay is developed by Apple Incorporation California, and supports their iOS and MacOS running devices. It is more advanced than Google Pay. You can pay for applications on the app store, pay for in-app purchases and you can make contactless payments thus replacing the need of credit and debit card. For a notable cryptocurrency like Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency for that matters, Apple Pay also has yet to support cryptocurrency. Currently it has no feature or functionality in terms of cryptocurrency. 

Though it can act as a payment method on exchange websites too. In order to buy and sell Ethereum with Apple Pay, all you have to do is register yourself on our domain and get an Ethereum wallet. You can buy or sell however you like it. The only difference you have to make is in your payment method, which right now will be Apple Pay. You can pay via apple pay and you can also receive payment in case you sell your Ethereum coins.

Ethereum to Advcash Exchange to USD Fiat Cash

AdvCash is a wallet that supports multiple currencies simultaneously and all this free of cost. It also offers  deposition and withdrawal of multiple digital currencies and you can also carry out your exchange with Advcash along with swift transactions globally. All that with a virtual card, that supports offshore payment systems. You can easily do your Ethereum to Advash exchange and get your payment to US Dollars. It's up to you how you want to receive it. You can go for multiple payment receival options, such as direct bank depositions, credit and debit cards, by hand from an Automatic Teller Machine ATM, Digital wallets that support fiat currency such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Payoneer, Paypal and many more. AdvCash is strong with security and other banking systems as the name stands for it, Advanced Cash. 

Advanced Cash is one of the most widely used payment systems in the world; it is supported and accepted by almost all services and Internet projects, making it useful for everyone when accepting payments and paying for services and goods in the network, investing in various projects, transferring money around the world, and receiving payment for work.

Ethereum to Alipay Easy Buy and Sell

Alipay, an online payment mechanism accessible via smartphone applications. The name Alipay might be familiar with Ali Baba ecommerce sites. Well if that was your guess, then you are right. Both are founded by Jack Ma. After Paypal, Alipay stands as the second largest online payment mechanism in use. Talking about buying and selling Ethereum with Alipay, as using Alipay as a payment method, well it's bad news. It’s been two years since Alipay banned cryptocurrency transactions and any other kind of dealing regarding it. You can though use it as a payment mechanism for receiving fiat cash. With the help of our exchange, you can easily buy and sell Ethereum. After a successful account registration, you will be given an Ethereum wallet. The buy and sell procedure itself is very simple. You can also look for steps on our exchange on how you can do so, if you are unaware of the procedure. You can then use Alipay as a payment method to pay for your Ethereum coins, or after selling them, you can receive cash in your Alipay wallet.

ZEC to SEPA Quick Exchange in Europe

Sepa or as it stands for Single Euro Payment Area residing under the hold of European Union EU. Banks that deal in the Euro currency were simplified under the integration of SEPA. For Euro in the european markets, SEPA introduced cross-border payments under domestic integration instead of fragmented transactions across all over Europe. Sepa followed the rule of making cashless payments with a unified bank account. This will help people get their salaries and moreover, make payments all over Europe from anywhere inside Europe.  If you are somewhere from Europe, and SEPA is your payment mechanism, you being interested in cryptocurrency won’t help with SEPA. ZEC to SEPA exchange is not possible directly, due to its absence of support in the field of cryptocurrency. You can use our exchange to convert your ZCash to Euros and then receive that Euro with the receival method of SEPA banking. Head over to our exchange, register yourself, and the rest is pretty much straight forward.

ZCash to Ria Money Transfer after Successful Exchange

Ria Money transfer company specialises in remittances. Ria is a Euronet Worldwide, Inc. subsidiary. Ria basically provides services for transactions globally. Their transaction fee is lower than what Moneygram has to offer. Ria itself does not deal with cryptocurrency and offers a transaction service rather than acting as a payment method and a gateway. You can use a cryptocurrency exchange that deals with conversion to ZCash ZEC to fiat cash, and uses Ria money transfer to send you your payment after your successful exchange. Fortunately, we offer such service for you. Our exchange offers multiple cryptocurrency and digital wallet and payment methods.

Get yourself registered with an account on our crypto exchange. You will also be given a ZEC wallet. The exchange procedure is simple, and you can look for instructions as well in order for better understanding. You can then provide Ria Money Transfer as a method of receiving money. Which will then ultimately send you the converted cash that will be according to the region you live in. For example, USD for the United States of America, CAD for Canada, EUR for Europe and more.

ZCash to PhonePe - Buy ZEC with PhonePe

An Indian digital application that supports financial and payment mechanisms and is owned by Flipkart. The Unified Payment Interface served as the foundation for this application (UPI). It is termed as PhonePe. PhonePe allows its users to receive and send transactions, and avail other services such as recharging your carrier balance, paying for utility bills, paying for services on shops and general stores. It also helps in investing funds tax free, purchase of insurance and you can also somehow buy gold. PhonePe does not support Ethereum or any other kind of cryptocurrency. PhonePe does require a bank account backed up, as it uses your personal bank account credits to pay or transact to avail the required services, even if your account isn’t integrated with UPI. You can use it to pay for the ZEC you want to buy. Use our exchange as we don’t want you to get in trouble to find another exchange that supports ZEC and PhonePe. The registration won’t even take a minute and you can do your buying of ZEC instantly.

Ethereum to Xoom Money Transfer Quick Payment Method

Xoom is a mechanism for money transactions and payments. Paypal is the parental service behind Xoom. Xoom lets you send and receive cash, refill your carrier credits and pay for utility bills. All this can be done even faster on your personal smartphone whether it is iOS or Android. You can also make transactions to bank accounts. Xoom also provides services on hand delivery of your cash. Xoom personally does not have any association in dealing with any kind of cryptocurrency, whether it is Ethereum, Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for that matter. You can still use Xoom as a payment method for quick payments for purchasing or selling your Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. As it requires special crypto wallets for storing your purchased cryptocurrencies. You can register yourself within minutes on our exchange, and can use Xoom as a payment method for doing your Ethereum dealings.

Ethereum to MCash Mobile Payment Fast Process

The first Norwegian payment service accessible via smartphones. By maintaining a Mobile Money Account, you can experience a completely new way of carrying out financial transactions with mCash. This is convenient and simple to use. You will be able to deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds, as well as buy goods and services and pay utility bills. Customers who are using pepadi and post services of Mobitel can easily use MCash as they fit. Actually, MCash resides under the control of Mobitel, which is a Sri Lankan born organization. It is supported throughout Sri Lanka. So it isn’t supported outside Sri Lanka, which shows its further limitations of cross-border transactions. Mobitel issued MCash to support billing payment services and other mobile banking related services. The problem with this is you cannot make payment outside Sri Lanka. Or very exchanges are willing to accept MCash as a payment, in case you make a purchase of Ethereum cryptocurrency, you are not sure whether the exchange you purchased Ethereum from, will accept payment via MCash. Fortunately for you, we at BTCTOAUD accept MCash as payment for your purchases. Not only do we accept, but we also make sure that your entire purchase undergoes a fast process thus minimizing wastage of time.

Ethereum to Vodafone Cash Fast Payment Method

Vodafone Cash is a quick, easy, and secure service that allows you to transfer money and make payments using your mobile phone. Vodafone cash can be used to send and receive money, top up airtime on one's own and other Vodafone numbers, pay bills , and purchase goods and services. You must bring a valid photo ID to any Vodafone Retail Shop or agent point of sale. You will also be required to provide the following information: Name, date of birth, address, Vodafone mobile number, and national identification number. These requirements must be met in order to have access to services of Vodafone Cash. Vodafone Cash has no association at all when it comes to cryptocurrency. But as it is an online payment and fast money transfer mechanism. You can surely buy Ethereum from our exchange, and use Vodafone Cash as your fast payment method.

Ethereum to Venmo - Exchange Instantly to get Cash

Another service that has been under the parent hood of Paypal. Yes, we are talking about Venmo, after Xoom, now we have Venmo that provides services among its users only in the United States of America. In order to use Venmo, one must have a carrier number purchased from within the United States of America. Users of Venmo have to link their debit, credit or either bank accounts to Venmo, in order to pay for the services they are accessing via Venmo. Venmo also offers special services when users use it to purchase services from vendors or merchants that accept Venmo as a payment method. Unlike its parent organization, Paypal, Venmo does not support cryptocurrency. You can only use it as a payment method on cryptocurrency exchange. Create an account on our exchange and you can exchange your Ethereum and use Venmo as a receival method for your fiat cash. Our exchange automatically detects the region and converts crypto to fiat required in that specific region.

Ethereum to transferwise - Best Payment Method

Transferwise, now rebranded as Wise. It started as a remittance and financial company and is still going strong in providing services based on financial technology. Wise/Transferwise is the cheapest money transaction mechanism currently existing. It is cheaper than Moneygram, Worldremit and even Paypal. There are a lot of services that Wise offers such as pension receival, personal cash transactions from country to country, overseas shopping. It ultimately works worldwide. If you are interested in Ethereum cryptocurrency, and you want to convert Ethereum to transferwise, you can use it as a payment method, for transfering your money to it. You can use our exchange for converting your Ethereum crypto currency completely cost free. Make sure to have a look at the market price and exchange rate, as these are always hunted by the price regulation, making the favor either in profit or in loss.

Ethereum to gift card - Purchase Gift Cards with ETH Coins

Gift cards are special gift papers that have a unique code ID, that can be scratched for rewards either in in-games or you can also use them as coupons for traveling or shopping. These Gift cards are purchasable via fiat cash or if the merchants are willing to accept cryptocurrency, in our case Ethereum, then it's a good shot. You can buy various types of gift cards. The type depends upon the kind of merchant you are visiting. 

Also, there are cryptocurrency gift cards. These cards can be purchased with fiat cash. You can give it to someone or you can hold it yourself. This is the easiest way to buy Ethereum cryptocurrency. Anyways, there are many places you purchase gift cards with ETH coins such as giftcardgranny, bitrefill and coingate. Feel free to check them out.

Makayla Armstrong explains how easy it is to exchange crypto to fiat cash

Makayla Armstrong
Pierre Delannoyplaats

I am Makayla Armstrong, a trainee doctor who enjoys the benefits of cryptocurrency. I've been using cryptocurrency for half a decade, and its payment mechanism and transactions have made it easier for me to do my finances. Everything related to my transactions and payments are 100% trusted and secure by the strong crytpography of blockchain.