Buy cryptocurrency with bank account

Buy cryptocurrency with bank account

Buy Bitcoin with Bank Account Instantly

So you got interested in Bitcoin somehow, and now you want to buy bitcoin with bank account. You can buy it with your personal bank account, and if the purchase method is chosen right, you can purchase it instantly.

Now you need an exchange for purchasing it, since there are separate exchanges that offer services in terms of cryptocurrency, and your payment method is via bank account. Use our exchange, as we deal in all kinds of cryptocurrency and no fee will be charged. Simply sign up with us, and a crypto-wallet will be generated for you. If you have Bitcoin on your hardware wallet, transfer it from there to the given exchange wallet.

  1. Head to the buy menu

  2. Select Bitcoin

  3. Enter the amount you required to purchase 

  4. A bank account ID would be given, on which you have to transact cash for purchasing bitcoin. The amount should be equal to the number of coins you are purchasing. For example, you want to purchase 0.0092 BTC, for that you have to transact $505 United State Dollars.

  5. After making the transaction, you will receive a receipt. Take a screenshot and upload that receipt

  6. Finalize purchase.

After successful purchase, your BTC will be transferred into the generated exchange wallet. From there you can transfer them into your cold wallet for keeping it safe. You can also use our BTC to AUD converter and calculator to perform various Bitcoin conversions and predict exchange prices.

Buy Dash with Bank Account with Debit Card

Dash is also a cryptocurrency, went by Dark coin and XCoin in its early days. Currently Dash is standing at a price point of $300 USD when compared to 1 Dash coin. If you are interested in purchasing Dash cryptocurrency, and looking for a payment method. Then we suggest that you should buy Dash to USD with bank account, the easiest method available to you or you can purchase it with a debit card allotted to you by your bank. The amount for purchasing Dash will be deducted directly from your bank account.

Sign up with us in order to buy Dash with bank account. After successful registration, you will be alloted with a wallet that can be used to store purchased cryptocurrency such as Dash coin.

  1. Go to the buy tab

  2. Select Dash from the drop down menu

  3. Enter the number of Dash coins you want to purchase.

  4. A table would be shown to you. It will include the price you would transact for purchasing Dash.

  5. A bank account ID would be given, on which you will transact cash.

  6. After making the transaction, upload the receipt screenshot

  7. Finalize purchase.

After making a purchase of Dash coin cryptocurrency, you will receive it in the exchange wallet for temporary receival. From there you can transfer it to your hardware wallet.

Buy Dogecoin with Bank Account with Credit Card

The meme redeemed cryptocurrency, known as Dogecoin. Dogecoin has recently been having a boost in its value due to it getting supported by CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk. If Doge has recently caught your interest, and you are willing to buy it. You can buy Dogecoin with bank account at our exchange, and without any slowing down time, with a credit card with ease. The transaction won’t be deducted from your bank account, but from the available credit on credit card. Make sure to have enough credit on your credit card to make a purchase. Register yourself on our domain, and after registration, you will be permitted a crypto wallet for keeping your Dogecoin after making a purchase of it.

  1. Visit buy menu

  2. Select Dogecoin as your purchasing cryptocurrency from the dropdown menu

  3. Enter the amount you want to purchase

  4. The exchange difference will be shown according to the region you are in.

  5. Submit your payment in cash via credit card, providing the accurate amount, equivalent to the number of coins you provided.

  6. After transaction, upload transaction receipt screenshot.

  7. Recheck, and finalize purchase

Undergoing the purchase, when successful, your Dogecoins will be transferred to the allotted wallet. You can easily transfer them from there to your personal offline wallet. You can also get Dogecoin cryptocurrency with instant payouts using cryptocurrency faucets.

Buy Ethereum with Bank Account Transfer

Ethereum comes at second number for being the most popular and strong cryptocurrency, right after Bitcoin. If by surprise, Ethereum gets you interested, and you want to buy Ethereum with Bank account. You will need an exchange and should decide the payment method you are going to use to buy it. The simple payment method is to buy Ethereum cryptocurrency with bank account transfer. You can simply transact the payment required to buy a certain amount of Ethereum coins. Fortunate for you, we are an active, cost free cryptocurrency exchange offering services. You can register yourself and go right away with your Ethereum purchase.

  1. After successfully registering yourself, a crypto-wallet will be permitted to you. On this wallet, you can keep your purchased crypto temporarily.

  2. On the home page, go to buy menu

  3. From the dropdown menu, select Ethereum. Also enter the amount needed for purchase. It should be in numeric form.

  4. The exchange difference according to your region will be shown.

  5. You can transfer the payment from your bank account to the mentioned bank account ID.

  6. After making a payment, upload the transaction receipt as a snapshot.

  7. Finalize purchase

If the above listed steps are followed properly, you will be able to purchase Ethereum coins with ease. These coins will be transferred to your exchange wallet, after purchase.

Buy Litecoin with Credit Card of Bank of America

Litecoin is an alternative to Bitcoin. A crypto currency designed to overcome the shortcomings faced by Bitcoin in the near future. Litecoin has not much of a large market cap as compared to Bitcoin, though it is a derivative of Bitcoin sharing the same code base with some major or minor alterations. As a member of Bank of America and holder of their credit card, you still can buy litecoin with bank account, just like any other ordinary credit card purchase. Make sure to have enough credit on your credit card, and it should not be the category of Student. Currently the exchange difference of Litecoins stoods at 1 LTC to $250 US Dollars. If you are willing to make a credit card purchase of Litecoin, register right now. Upon registering, you will receive a crypto wallet for storing your purchased litecoin temporarily.

Go right over to our buy menu. Select Litecoin from the dropdown menu. Enter the amount of Litecoin you want to purchase. You will then be shown the exchange difference between crypto and fiat. Submit your payment via credit card, by entering the amount and 16-digit number. After making the payment, upload the screenshot of the transaction. If you are interested in liquidation of cryptocurrency assets, check out our Litecoin liquidator.

Buy Monero with Bank Account with Best Exchange

Looking for the best exchange and simple method to buy Monero with bank account, where the payment will be deducted from your personal bank account. You are fortunate to have us around. We don’t boast about our services or our smart play when it comes to cryptocurrency. You can rely on us with being in any kind of worry.

All you need to do is sign up yourself on our exchange. The sign up procedure is pretty straightforward. Upon successful registration, a crypto wallet will be generated for you. In this online exchange wallet, you can stock purchased cryptocurrency temporarily. Now to begin your purchase of Monero XMR cryptocurrency, follow the below listed steps.

  1. There are sell, buy, exchange, liquidate menus on the main page. Head over to buy menu

  2. Select Monero as cryptocurrency

  3. Enter the numerical amount needed to be purchased.

  4. In the next phase, you will be shown the exchange price difference between Monero and the currency you are going to pay in.

  5. A bank account ID will be mentioned, on which the cash would be submitted as a payment for buying Monero.

  6. After making a payment, upload the screenshot of payment receipt.

  7. Verify and Confirm

Buy Ripple with Bank Account with Fast Transfer Rate

Ripple itself is an organization supporting remittance and cross border payments. Though its native is XRP coins. Which are purchasable as a crypto currency. Ripple is both centralized and decentralized in nature, as XRP is a crypto, it acts as decentralized, though its market circulation is controlled by Ripple Labs itself, it is also considered centralized to some extent.. If you want to buy Ripple with bank account of your perosnal use, but want your payment to happen on a fast transfer rate, you can buy XRP with a credit card with an instant process to make your purchase faster. Now all you need is an exchange. Our exchange also offers cost free and robust services when it comes to crypto currencies. Simply sign up and get your crypto-wallet. To begin making a purchase, follow the below listed steps.

  1. Go right over to buy menu

  2. Choose Ripple as your purchasable crypto currency.

  3. Provide the amount of XRP coins  in numbers that are required for purchase.

  4. Send your payment via credit card, for instant purchase.

  5. Upload transaction receipt screenshot

  6. Confirm purchase.

You will receive your Ripple XRP directly into your crypto-wallet allotted to you by our exchange upon successful registration.

Buy ZCash with Bank Account Payment

ZCash is another crypto currency that follows a strong suite of privacy, just like Monero. The exchange difference currently resonates at around 1 ZEC to $200 US Dollars. If you are somewhat interested, and willing to buy ZCash to USD from our exchange, your best payment option is to buy ZCash with bank account. You can rest easy because that is possible. You will need an exchange first, that deals with ZCash. Fortunate for you, we are here to help you in buying your ZCash cryptocurrency. As we accept payments in all forms. There is no hustle. Just register yourself, get your exchange wallet for keeping your purchased cryptocurrency. 

  1. Go to buy menu on the home screen

  2. Select ZCash as your cryptocurrency

  3. Provide the amount of coins you want to purchase

  4. An exchange price would be shown to you according to the region you are purchasing from

  5. A bank transaction ID would be mentioned, on which you will transact cash as payment.

  6. After transaction of payment, upload the screenshot of transaction receipt.

  7. Fully recheck everything and then confirm purchase.

If the above mentioned steps, followed carefully and correctly, you will easily be able to purchase ZCash, and make payment for it via your personal bank account.

Buy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency with Paypal No ID Required

In order to buy Bitcoin via Paypal, and keeping your personal ID, hidden throughout the exchange process can be done easily. Our exchange provides end-to-end encryption. Transactions made from both ends can be done, without revealing the identity of either of the traders or users. Hop onto our cryptocurrency exchange, get yourself a crypto-wallet for purchasing and storing your Bitcoin cryptocurrency. After purchase, your Bitcoins will be transferred to your exchange wallet, and the connection between you and the buyer you bought from would be cut off.Your Personal Identification will remain disclosed. Transfer your Bitcoins to your personal cold storage for keeping them safe. You can also use our BTC to AUD converter to withdraw Bitcoin from Blockchain with the help of Paypal.

Buy Dash Cryptocurrency with Paypal Instantly

From our crypto-exchange, you can instantly buy Dash with paypal. There are no long and complicated procedures. All you need is a Paypal account, and an account on our domain. Register yourself with us. Afterwards, link your Paypal account with the account you created on our exchange. As our cryptocurrency exchange offers Dash buy and sell too. Purchase Dash, and upon entering the payment method, select Paypal. As paypal is the best method to make purchases instantly, you can easily purchase Dash instantly too. After successfully purchasing Dash, unlink your paypal account and transfer your Dash coin cryptocurrency from our exchange wallet to your personal offline wallet.

Buy Dogecoin Cryptocurrency with Paypal at LocalBitcoin

LocalBitcoins is a bitcoin retail market that functions from Finland. Its service allows for the exchange of national currency for bitcoins all over the country. Users advertise on the website, claiming exchange rates and payment methods for buying and selling bitcoins. Though you cannot buy Dogecoin from it. As it can only be traded for bitcoin, after you purchased it from here. So if you want to buy Dogecoin, using your favorite payment method Paypal, you can use our exchange. We offer services in all kinds of cryptocurrencies, payment methods, e-wallets and more. Register yourself, and head straight to the buy menu. The rest is pretty easy.

Buy Ethereum with Paypal with Australia’s Best Exchange

Looking to buy Ethereum with Paypal, and that too in Australia. Well look no more. We are Australian exchange that deals with all kinds of crypto currency. We hope that we are your best bet when it comes to dealing with cryptocurrency. In order to buy ethereum with paypal, there are certain requirements that should be meted. A Paypal account and an account on our domain. Link your paypal on our domain, and then make a purchase of Ethereum from our domain by going to the buy menu. The purchasing procedure is quite straightforward.

Buy Litecoin with Paypal without Fee

Almost all existing exchanges have some fee to conduct, whenever their services are being used. But if you are still looking for an exchange that conducts no charges upon buying cryptocurrency such as Litecoin with paypal payment method, then you are at the right crypto-exchange. Just register yourself with our crypto-exchange, that will grant you a crypto-wallet. You can store your purchased cryptocurrency on this wallet temporarily. Link your paypal account on our domain, and go to the buy menu. After purchasing, your litecoins will be transferred to the exchange’s wallet, and afterwards, you can unlink your paypal account.

Buy Monero Cryptocurrency with Paypal via LocalMonero

LocalMonero supports any payment method that its user community supports, allowing users who do not have access to traditional banking to buy or sell Monero. LocalMonero provides escrow or transaction services for every transaction in order to protect the buyer of Monero. Fortunately for you, Paypal is a well known supported method for payments among the community of LocalMonero. So you can easily buy XMR coins with Paypal on LocalMonero exchange. All you need is a paypal account and an account on LocalMonero exchange. For setting paypal as your payment method, it will be linked to LocalMonero, in order to conduct the cash required for buying Monero. You can also transfer Monero to Paypal with cryptocurrency to local service from our exchange.

Buy Ripple with Paypal from Stock Robinhood

Robinhood does not allow purchase of Ripple directly, but can still watch the performance of XRP cryptocurrency. Well, fret not, as our cryptocurrency exchange will help you in buying Ripple stock. Yes, we also accept Paypal as a payment method. There are some requisites that are needed. An account on our exchange and a registered Paypal account with enough finance to make a purchase. Our exchange purchase procedure is quite simple and straightforward. After making an account on our domain, link your Paypal account with the account on our domain, via the payment method option. That way, you will have a payment method i.e. Paypal. Go to the buy menu, make a purchase, and then unlink the account. Your purchased Ripple will be in the exchange wallet.

Buy ZCash Cryptocurrency with Paypal

ZCash is a privacy driven cryptocurrency. It has a strong emphasis for privacy based transactions. If you are willing to purchase ZCash cryptocurrency with paypal with our ZCash to USD exchange, then step right in. Our exchange deals with services of cryptocurrency. Buy, sell, exchange, trade or liquidate. You want to buy ZCash. Make yourself an account on our domain. Link your paypal account with the account you created on our exchange. After linking, go to the buy menu. Select ZCash as your purchasing currency. Select Paypal as your payment method. Enter the amount of cash number, equivalent to the number of coins you want to purchase. After successful purchase, unlink your paypal account. You will receive your ZEC coins in the exchange wallet.

Co-Author Patrick Murphy explains how cryptocurrecny can be bought with bank account

Patrick Murphy
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I am a senior finance manager and a keen user of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has a strong and marginally better price differnece as comparted to local currency. Which makes the balance of wealth a lot more. Cryptocurrency is going to change the way we bank today, due to its strong and secure transactions and payment mechanisms.